Do you have any favourite games from the 90s and 2000s? What retro game is your favourite one? Super Bomberman? Super Mario Kart? Or maybe Sonic The Hedgehog?

If you are a fan of those Super Nintendo video games, we have great news for you. Finding and playing SNES games has never been easier before. Today, you don’t need to buy a console and hundreds of cartridges to match it. All you should have are snes emulators download files and ROMs, which are the absolute substitution for the console and the cartridges respectively. That’s simple.

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How to Play SNES Games on Your PC

After snes emulator download, you have to unpack the file and install it on your PC. What we recommend is creating a separate folder to keep all Super Nintendo files in one place. This will be helpful in case you want to download more than a couple of games. So, create a folder to place there the snes roms download files, too. Now run the emulator and open any of the downloaded files by clicking on the «Game» menu. The game will run in a minute.

In the emulator window, you can also change the configurations accordingly to your preferences.

Best SNES Games for Your Computer

Now let’s talk about the most popular SNES games you can download to play on the emulator. Fortunately, the variety of ROMs is exactly the same as the variety of the original Super Nintendo games. There are over 180 ROMs to choose from. Of course, here you can find the most popular ones as well.

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  • Super Mario World is definitely one of the greatest video games ever created in the industry. It is a very creative version of the game, as it has so much stuff in it – different features, levels, characters, and challenges with the favourite Mario soundtracks.
  • Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past. Everything in Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past is near perfect as for the game created in the 90s – from graphics to the storyline and the soundtrack. It has a fantastic art style design and tight controls, which work great. This version has a little bit more sophisticated storyline as the previous one. And the full description of the game is provided basically before it.
  • Contra III – The Alien Wars creates an incredible atmosphere from the first second you run it. If you have ever played Super Metroid, you’ll find Contra III – The Alien Wars to be very similar to it. It is a well thought-over game with awesome characters and small details like wall-climbing machines and giant turtles. It has six levels, which may seem to be quite few, but entertaining. Starting from the very first level Contra III – The Alien Wars grabs your attention. Generally, the graphics is very professionally made and will be even better when running the game on your laptop. Another interesting element of the game is a rotatable top view in several levels, which looks really awesome.

So, definitely try playing at least one of the Super Nintendo games on your PC or mobile devices. They are worth the hype.

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