the most effective defense strategies to be adopted in the courtroom
The criminal defense lawyer is a professional lawyer who is having specialization in dealing with criminal cases. The purpose of the Fairfax criminal lawyer is to provide you freedom from the legal allegations and the penalties. The penalties depend on the severity of the crimes. There are different defense strategies that a criminal defense lawyer adopts in the courtroom to rescue him from the case.

Hire a criminal defense lawyer who has good track record and experience in criminal cases. Do not hire any criminal lawyer as your winning and freedom depend on him/her. Make use of your all senses, do a little research and then hire your criminal defense lawyer. After this, tell him all the details and trust him as trust is very important. If you cannot trust in him, he cannot help you out in the courtroom.

Different criminal defense lawyers adopt different defensive strategies. Different cases demand a different defense strategy to be applied. One strategy cannot be applied to all the situations. The criminal lawyers know very well that which defense strategy can go with which case. Following are some defense strategies that help you out in winning the case:

Witness credibility:

When you present in the court, the prosecutor will provide the proofs and witnesses against your client. Some criminal defense lawyers adopt a strategy to make the identity of the witness doubtful. If the witness credibility proofs to be doubtful, then his words do not matter, and your client will be safe.

If the witness name or identity is similar to any other criminal, then this will be an advantageous point for you. You can easily question his identity, and his words will not consider reliable. If the witness has any criminal record, then this will also help you in your case. You can cross-question him about his criminal record. This point also makes him invalid and unreliable.

The accidental crime:

the accidental crime
The penalty of a crime depends on its severity. If you have murdered someone intentionally, then you have to suffer the serious penalty and the consequences. If you have found guilty of doing the crime with the intention of it, then you will lose the case and charge with imprisonment.

To avoid this situation of losing, the criminal defense lawyer has to adopt a strategy that flips the case towards his favor. If you proved that the crime that has occurred was not an intentional crime, then the client rescue chances increase. The criminal defense lawyer proves that the crime was occurred by accident, not by the intention of doing it. This accidental crime strategy is followed in many criminal cases to protect the client and also have good success rate.

Crime for defense:

There is also another option to prove that the client has done crime unintentionally. If you propose that the situation makes him feel in danger or threat, then you can think of his rescue. The client has done crime because he feels him in the risk of danger that can risk his life; the sentencing can be lower in such strategies.


Alibi is a proof or evidence that tells that the client was not present at the crime location. He was present at some other place at the time of the crime. This is one of the solid proofs that can prove your innocence. You cannot be found guilty and do not have to get a penalty if your criminal defense lawyer provides the alibi in court.

This clearly shoes your absence from the crime location at the crime time. So you have provided the label of “free of guilt.” This defense strategy is also using more in criminal cases.


In this defense strategy, an innocent citizen has done a crime under force, coercion, or threat so that he is not a truly guilty person. He has done it under pressure. This strategy is mostly used in child crime, drug crimes.

Police misconduct:

Sometimes, police officers have done some crimes or misconduct during an investigation. If you can prove that it is the police fault or police misconduct, then your client is saved from the charge. If the criminal defense lawyer adopts this strategy and proves the crime is the result of police misconduct, then you can also charge the file for a claim. You can claim the civil rights for the damages that case has caused.

police misconduct
It is difficult to prove any crime as police misconduct. Police, sometimes, has done misconduct while mishandling, coercing witnesses to build a case stronger and promising. So it is quite tricky to prove the fault of the police. If still, your criminal defense lawyer proves the crime happened within police misconduct, then you can save your client.

Statute of limitations

If the statute of limitations has run out, then it is not possible to sue again. If the crime has been exposed after many years of its occurrence, then the prosecutor cannot charge a file against you. The statute of limitation is different from country to country.

Every country or state has its own laws and rules. There are some crimes for which there is no statute of limitation like murder. You have to search and read about the rules and laws of a country before signing a case. So you can make strategies in accordance with the laws.  Some crimes have 3 years’ statute of limitation, and some have only 1 year so you should be aware of the laws and keep yourself updated about the changes in the law.

Double jeopardy:

It is a law of US that you cannot case a file against the same person for the same crime in the same court. Once you have filed a case of any crime to a person, you cannot file against him again even if you have found new evidence and proofs. Multiple punishments and multiple penalties cannot be charged to the person for the same crime. It is against the law to put a person again and again after he had completed his punishment at once.

Plea of insanity:

The plea of insanity means a person who has done a crime does not does intentionally. The person is not in his senses, or he was not mentally stable at the time of the crime. A mentally retarded person cannot get a penalty for the crime that he has done.

This is another way of proving that the client did not commit a crime intentionally. If you prove in the courtroom that your client is not mentally stable, then he cannot get punished for his crime. You have to prove that the client has a mental disorder and his actions are not in his control.

There are multiple definitions of a plea of insanity in different countries that vary slightly from each other, but the main point is the same. The client cannot understand the nature of crime and the consequences.

Involuntary intoxication:

This defense strategy is used by many criminal defense lawyers in order to save the client for any legal consequences. By doing this, you can prove the innocence of the client. According to this defense strategy, you have to prove that your client is intoxicated involuntarily, that means someone has given the drug to the client. This causes him intoxicated, and crime is being occurred involuntarily by the result of that drug intake. It was not the fault of the client, but the fault of some other person.

involuntary intoxication


If it is proven in the court that it became a necessity to such criminal act at the crime location, then the client can get acquitted. This condition lowers the sentencing and prevents the client from severe legal charges. The criminal defense lawyer has to make his client guilt-free from anyways. He has to choose the best possible strategy to rescue the client.

Gather the evidence that proves the client has not done the crime intentionally.  Prepare a case in a way that tells it became a necessity for the client to do the crime.

The mistake of fact:

It is another defensive strategy that is adopted in the courtroom to save the client. If a crime is done by mistake, then the client cannot charge with the guilt of doing the crime. If a person was not aware of the laws of a country and did crime by not knowing, then it does not consider in a crime label. The client is acquitted with a warning.

That’s why you have to be aware of the country’s rule in which you are going to travel, study, work or live.

Wrong accusations:

Sometimes the person is being accused of the charges that he did not commit. It is difficult to prove the innocence of the accused person, but it is the tactic of the criminal defense lawyer that works. Some allegations like child abuse, sex crimes usually do not have physical evidence. So you can still flip the case in your client’s favor. Make the identity of the accuser doubtful and save your client from false allegations.

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