things to keep in mind when choosing an immigration attorney
The reality of the modern world is it has become a lot smaller with globalization being so rampant. There’s no escape from the fact people are cosmopolitan today and like to travel around the world in terms of job and whatever opportunities they get. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, you must be mindful when making a choice. There are many immigration lawyers in the market which is why it is important to beware of the money seekers. An immigration process differs from country to country; therefor, you must keep up to date with every new information you need. Several immigration attorneys won’t tell you everything entirely, which is why we’d suggest you do proper research on everything yourself too. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when selecting an immigration attorney:

1. Ask for references

If one of your friends already applied for the immigration process through an attorney, chase him back. The best and easiest way to find an attorney is to hire somebody who is well known and is trusted by your peers. Always ask your friends for references when putting foot into such procedures. Some people decide to stay discreet before the process begins, but it is better to articulate your plans to your close friends and family members. If one of your friends is already happy with the services of an immigration attorney, dive full throttle in trusting and hiring the person for your task. Seeking a lawyer for the first time is difficult. Therefore it is mindful to ask for references.

2. Get a trusted referral

Are you on social media? Do you like to interact with massive people on Facebook? What are you waiting for? Update your current status and ask your friends for good referrals. You never know, one of your friends might be going through the same process. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool which can increase the number of customers in a short time. Once you get in touch with a trusted attorney, half of your work will easily get done. In this day and age it is very difficult to get a trusted referral.

3. Negotiate fees

Keep in mind; law is a small world which is why it continues to change every hour. However, many law firms have a fixed fee which is not negotiable. When looking for an immigration attorney, it is crucial to find one who fits in your budget. When selecting somebody through a firm it is crucial to ask them for how much time they’ll take in filing your case. Furthermore it is crucial to jot down the fee structure of the prospective attorney. If you are hiring somebody for the first time, you must write everything in the agreement and try to negotiate the fees if it is too high.

4. Hire a lawyer who speaks your language

To get your work done, you must hire somebody who navigates great conversations with you easily. Hiring an attorney means you will have to articulate yourself to somebody you never met before. Therefore there should be no barrier when going through the process. If you hire somebody who speaks a different language, half of the time both of you won’t be able to understand each other, thus making the process get more complex. Furthermore, if you hire somebody who speaks a different language, it is crucial to make sure he/she keeps a proper record of the translated documents.

5. Carve a good relationship with your attorney

Always try to build strong relationships with your attorney, for it would help you in future too. If you build a strong relationship with your attorney, higher are the chances, people from within your social circle will be able to get good discounts when you refer your attorney to them. Furthermore, if the case goes well, your attorney might give discounts at the end. Attorneys have a lot of work to do but always take each of their clients seriously. If you are successful in carving good relationships with the lawyer, he/she might help you in future a well by referring to top-notch people in the profession.

6. Upload the process to the cloud

Always be mindful when giving all the information to the lawyer. It is your responsibility as a client to make sure you protect all the important data with you. If you are well versed with the power of IT, you must store all the information on the cloud. The modern information storage systems allow for the information to stay on the clouds with complete protection and no breach of security. If your attorney is coherent with storing information online, you must ask him/her to save the information. Furthermore you can also keep complete records of all the documents in a safe place.

7. Always check the education

It is crucial for your attorney to have complete information of the field he/she is stepping their foot in. As an immigration attorney, it is his/her responsibility to have complete information on the entire process. Don’t trust people who are naïve in this field and have no information at all. Make sure he/she has done bachelors or masters with majors in law. Education is very important because it always reflects the person’s approach to handling cases. Beware of people with fake degrees in the market for they are always looking for naïve people to rip off their pockets.

8. Experience is must

Somebody who is a veteran professional will be able to navigate your case successfully. Somebody who has no hands-on experience won’t ever be able to help you in this regard. Keep in mind young lawyers always make big mistakes if you hire somebody who has no experience and agrees to do your work within a small budget; you might get yourself in trouble. Furthermore, people with no prior experience or a diverse portfolio can never be trusted. Moreover if a prospective attorney has a social media profile, don’t forget to read the customer reviews to get some insight into the other persons work. Law is the only profession which grows mature with time passing by.

9. Behavior should be moderate

The common myth which continues to hound many lawyers is they are aggressive and not friendly with their clients. This is not true because lawyers have to be coherent with their nature of job. Yes they don’t smile all the time, but they can’t be aggressive all the time either. While choosing an immigration attorney you must meet the prospective lawyer and judge the person through his/her behavior. Keep in mind; the legal procedures take a lot of time to complete therefore, the person you’re hiring should be flexible in terms of communication and behavior. Furthermore the person should be approachable too.

10. The location should be convenient

People who don’t have hands-on experience of working with lawyers make big mistakes in the beginning. Keep in mind; you will have to position several meetings with your attorney throughout the process. Therefore your lawyer must be approachable. Furthermore if you hire somebody who is located in a far distant location, you will have to spend a lot on the travel and commute. Some lawyers are tough cookies to work with which is why clients have to make efforts to meet and greet. Never hire somebody who is remotely located and tries to force you to hire him for the job.

What are common myths about immigration attorneys?

common myths about immigration attorneys
The truth about immigration attorneys is they are hounded just like all the other conventional lawyers. People think immigration attorneys are money-making agents which is an unfair generalization. Furthermore people also say attorneys are aggressive which is another unfair blame on their heads. However there is a common misconception about attorneys they know it all. Keep in mind this nothing but a myth. Even the top-notch professionals of the field have specific niche which they work in for their entire leaves. For example if you are hiring Orange County Immigration Attorney, don’t expect him to know about navigating divorce cases.


Lastly, make sure you don’t hide anything from your attorney. When applying for the immigration process, it is important to be crystal clear in terms of intentions and documents. If you want to win the case you must be wise enough when choosing a suitable lawyer. Immigration attorneys are anyways well versed with their work, so you won’t be having many troubles when hiring one. You will be surprised to know there are over 15000 immigration attorneys in the US. The entire duration of the process will vary for every state has its laws. However the immigration time is the same for all the states for countries have fixed laws regarding taking in people. Once you apply for the immigration process, take a deep breath and trust your attorney. Refrain from forging documents for that might get you in trouble. Advicechoosing tips,Editorial,Immigration,LawyerThe reality of the modern world is it has become a lot smaller with globalization being so rampant. There’s no escape from the fact people are cosmopolitan today and like to travel around the world in terms of job and whatever opportunities they get. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, you must be […]