disadvantages of divorce
Marital life is bliss but only till two people are closely bonded with each other. They say divorce is very bad, which is true to some extent. However divorce is primarily a legal route through which two people can exit a relationship. In this article we will guide you through some major cons of divorce which are also its side effects. People think it is easy to exit a marriage, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are several repercussions which one must put into perspective before taking the legal route. Divorce is not just the end of a marriage but also disturbs a lot of people who are a part of that union. Some of the most notorious disadvantages of divorce are:

1. Divorce ends the marriage

The problem with young couples and many millennials is they don’t have a concrete reason for seeking divorce. It is common for couples to fight but to suddenly file a divorce after a normal verbal spat is not okay. You will be shocked to know more than 50% of American couples divorce early after marriage which means millions of people divorce every month in the country. Furthermore, the ad thing about divorce is that the husband and wife are no longer legally obliged to stay in a relationship. So if you want to get back to your old partner, it’s a tough path to walk on.

2. Divorce hurts

People are confident when they file a divorce but deep down everyone else around, and they know about the intensity of emotions which are running high. More than the financial loss in settlements, it is the emotional loss which two people have to cope up with. Going through such a trauma and seeing your family fall apart is not an easy thing especially when you have kids around. During the divorce process you will find yourself saying and doing things which you aren’t supposed to. Many people even regret their divorce later on in life.

3. Divorce affects personal relationships

Keep in mind divorce doesn’t just dilute the relationship between a husband and wife but also hurts the relationships you hold with other people. Life isn’t the same as it used to be. Furthermore even friends start turning sour when they start taking side of either one of the two partners. Kids are ones who get affected and become partial to both of the parents because they can’t process the entire separation process. Many states say divorce changes many people emotionally and their response to certain behaviors.

4. Divorce hurts children

divorce hurts children
Young kids are the ones who are vulnerable to understanding the complexity of a relationship. The young minds are naïve to the harsh nature of this world, which is why they take a lot of time to understand the process. Furthermore you will be shocked to know that young children can start suffering from serious mental diseases too as a result of their parents separating such as depression, anxiety disorders and even panic attacks. The little bit of research which has been done, concludes that children also tend to isolate themselves once they go through such a procedure.

5. Divorce costs money

Keep in mind, not every divorce will cost whopping $30,000, but each state has its own rules and regulations for it. Furthermore in some cases, people continue to languish in the courts of law for years in the pursuit of getting out of the agreement. Divorce is costly, and the money depends on the kind of divorce you are filing. If you has custody issues, property issues and other problems in line, the divorce settlement will cost a lot of money. Even if you take control of your divorce the way you want to, you will still have to spend a lot of money in getting out of the damaged marital contract.

6. Divorce reduces living standards

Sounds weird? Yes, it does happen. Divorce divides one single household into two. This means that once a family which was together in terms of living and sharing expenses will have to live separately on the same budget. Especially when you have kids, the expenses increase since you have you to pay for their day to day finances if they’re living with their mother. So once you get divorced, you will have a lower standard of living. You will have to rearrange your budget after divorce.

divorce costs money

7. Divorce might deteriorate your relationship with the church

Religious communities are never happy after hearing about a divorce or a restraining relationship. You probably know how your church will react to the news of your divorce. Their relationship with you is bound to change and might even get worse. Though your priest or synagogue might not cut off ties from you, they will not be the same with you. It is important to stay in touch with church and synagogue in this day and age which is why it is better to be mindful when engaging in making such important decisions in life.

8. Friends will start avoiding you

This is weird but a very cliché side effect of a divorce. We live in the 21st century yet continue to fight with the conservative society and its norms. After a divorce, it is common for people to look down upon a person as if he/she has made a big mistake. Your friends will stop talking to you after your divorce because they think you’ve done something bad. Moreover your relatives and neighbors will start gossiping about you which is a common practice in society. The gossipmongers will try to tarnish your reputation which is why it is better you announce it to your friends and family members on time.

9. Your chances of getting married again are less

This is a natural thing which happens to anyone after they get divorced. The chances of getting married again are less as compared to when you’re a bachelor and unmarried. Once you get divorced, people will start looking down upon you as a person and people from within the family will overlook you for their sons and daughters. Though people are liberal, yet a lot of them continue to look for unmarried partners if they are unmarried too. Seldom will you come across cases in which unmarried girls and boys marry divorced and widowed people.

10. Divorce affects mental health

As discussed already, divorce affects mental health and causes emotional loss. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of it. Sometimes the mental loss is so chronic, that it affects the life of the other person to a great extent. Fan of the Kardashians? Kris Jenner opened up about her divorce from Robert Kardashian at the Oprah interview and told how heartbreaking it was for her to separate from her former husband. Therefore there is no escape from the fact; this legal route is a tough cookie.

divorce affects mental health

11. Divorce affects job and education

In this day and age, it is very crucial to have a balanced life. In this context we mean it is imperative to have demarcation between personal and professional life. If you are filing a divorce for the first time, your job and professional life will suffer because of the stress which accumulates in the head. Furthermore kids take a lot of time to recover from the emotional loss they’re going through.

Furthermore when people start attending the early hearings, it is common to miss job and important meetings. Children need to focus on education, early on in their careers. With such a turmoil going in the house, it becomes difficult to stay focused.

12. Isolation kills

There’s nothing better than having somebody to share everything in life with. After divorce, most couples start feeling deserted and unhappy because they lose companionship. For men, sometimes it’s easy, but for women it is very difficult to navigate new relationships in life. Isolation is tough because it kills people and deteriorates healthy relationships in life. People who isolate themselves are always at a higher risk of developing certain diseases. Furthermore, a person also loses his/her confidence and starts giving up on him/herself.

13. You won’t have enough money for dating early

If you are looking forward to dating somebody immediately after your divorce, it wouldn’t be easy. Early proceedings, divorce fee and settlement, all aggregate together to create staggering amount. You will incur thousands of dollars in the beginning when you file the divorce. Furthermore if you aren’t financially strong, you will have to serve a tough time in life. Many people start taking loans to pay off the settlement charges. So if you’re thinking of early dating, you better step back for some time. If you are a citizen of California, you can look for a San Diego Divorce Lawyer to file a divorce.


Lastly, there are many other disadvantages of divorce. Therefore it is better to always work out things between you and your spouse to try and solve disputes. Young people are aggressive and naïve which is why the divorce rates continue to rise every day.

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