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There’s nothing better than having a partner with whom you can share everything in life. However, sometimes relationships take a deadly turn, leaving two people with a choice to opt-out of a relationship. They say divorce is bad, but it is nothing but a legal route to exit a relationship which has become secular. If you are no longer invested in a relationship and want to end your marriage, there’s nothing better than seeking a divorce to make peace with the rest of your life. Mutual separation is easy, but when one of the partners seeks a divorce with the other one no willing to opt-out of a relationship, things get can intense. This is where lawyers jump in and help people with legal matters. In this article we will give you ten good reasons to file a divorce. Don’t worry if this is our first divorce, for every ending is the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Your spouse is cheating

This is the first most concrete reason to get out of marriage. If you are skeptical about your partner’s sincerity in the relationship, you must give the relationship some time and conduct some research before making an informed decision. If your spouse never leaves his/her phone unattended or discreetly checks messages, there is a room for doubt. However if you catch your spouse cheating red-handed, you must file a divorce. The sad part about such relationships is that people choose to remain in such a marriage even after knowing one of the partners is not invested anymore. Therefore to have a good life, you must file a divorce and seek the legal route to get out of that relationship.

Lack of individual identity

A relationship in which two people continue to overlap never transitions into a happy marriage. When one of the partners continues to impose him/herself on the other person, things start getting intense. If you have killed your likes and interests after marriage and are trying to digest your hobbies into the other, there’s no reason for you to be in that marriage anymore. Keep in mind; an ideal marriage is one in which both the partners have individual identity and respect each other’s priorities. People spend years in a codependent marriage and remain unhappy for years. If you have lost your self-respect in a relationship and are being forced by your partner to adhere to his/her views in every sphere, it’s not worth for you to remain in a marriage like that as such.

The intimacy disappears

One of the most important force in a marriage which continues to bond two people is sex. Stats say couples have sex at least 54 times a year and more. This means average couples have sex at least once a week. Intimacy and romance are important ingredients which are responsible for the longevity of a relationship. The truth about marriage and most of the relationships is that intimacy suddenly starts disappearing. Sometimes one person has an off day and many misunderstandings.

no more love
Furthermore one of the partners start to think, he/she is not sexually excited anymore. The truth is men need sexual receptivity to feel the spark in a relationship whereas women need romance to be sexually active. When one of the partners loses their interest completely, the marriage is in a dangerous zone.

Financial crunch befalls on one of the person’s

Most modern couples divorce because of financial issues. To keep a relationship strong, it is important for two people to be wise enough with regards to spending and saving. If you have a habit of overspending, your marriage will sooner or later, get in trouble. Keep in mind it’s not the lack of finances which causes divorce, but the lack of mental compatibility when it comes to the financial sector. As a couple, it is crucial for two people to work out things to make sure everything is fine. The issue arises when one of the partners is focused on saving, and the other wants to enjoy the slice of life every single day. Furthermore, the increase in credit card bills is a major problem for many couples. If both the partners are working, finances can be sorted out, but if only one person is, there’s always a chance of a verbal spat.

Inability to resolve conflicts

It is normal for every regular couple to engage in fights, but the inability to solve the issues is a major problem. The key to developing healthy relationship is to have the strength to get through such regular disagreements. Keep in mind; ego can hurt a relationship to a great extent and destroy it easily. Sometimes third party intrudes to resolve a conflict, but the beauty in a relationship lies in the fact that a couple should be able to handle their conflicts behind the closed doors without the world knowing anything about it. If you are unable to resolve an ongoing conflict which has garnered a lot of family attention and continues to worsen, you must take the wise step of walking out of marriage.

Being out of touch is toxic

We’re not talking about the physical contact here. With technology connecting us every now and then, it is easy for couples to stay in contact through social media and WhatsApp. Earlier people would exchange hugs and kisses when bidding farewell to their partners; now, it is easy to exchange emotions online. Though there is no equivalent of physical contact, yet technology makes it a lot easier for people to exchange their views, pictures, emotions and endless love over the phones. However, couples who have restrained relationships will never make the effort of keeping in touch despite all the facilities. If both of you refrain from sending a cute emoji despite finding each other online, it’s time for you to call it quits.

Unmet expectations

When two people get married, it is natural for them both to start expecting a lot from one another. However blaming, fighting and criticizing the other person for not meeting up a certain expectation is incorrect. The problem is, most men start expecting women to take over the responsibilities of the house after marriage and most women fancy men to take care of all the financial needs and provide luxuries too. Neither of which translates into reality easily. The biggest mistake which most young married couples make is they start forcing each other into doing things they want to do to make each other happy, which very often is a big disaster.

Not having a shared vision of success

fail spouses
It is important to have the same vision of success when it comes to marriage. Failing to have it can lead to an unhappy marriage. Suppose you want to hit the woods for a romantic honeymoon, but your partner wants to chill in the Island of Maldives, and you disagree. Why didn’t you mentioned about this before? If this is what comes out of an argument every time, you better sort it out. However, if it been years now and you’re still stuck in the same arguments, it’s not worth for you to stay committed to that relationship anymore. It is possible to survive minor differences in a marriage but not the major differences.

You’ve got caged in your marriage

This is also a cliché reason which is why many couples divorce. Gone are the days when men were the only breadwinners of the house. Women have an equal role to play in society in terms of contributing to the economic sector. This means many women will have to step out of the house. A lot of men try to domesticate women in the early years of marriage which is why they are unable to work and also lose good golden years of their career. However, if we reverse the case and put men in the spotlight, the case is equally not justifiable. If you are a careerist and your partner tries to succumb you the pressure to stay at home, there’s no concrete reason to stay in the marriage any longer. You must consult a lawyer to get you out of such a situation. For instance if you are from California you can contact San Diego Family Law Lawyer to go through the legal route.

Divorce is the only route to your new partner

If you are already invested in a new relationship and want to begin a new chapter in life, the only thing that can help you is divorce. There’s no harm in getting out of a relationship if you’re bored or have lost the spark. People consider divorce to be a very bad part of life. However it is nothing but an exit route from a relationship. For every new beginning is also an ending point of one segment of life. You will be surprised to know more than 50% of US couples divorce every year which is a staggering figure. This means many people set out on a new journey of love every day. Therefore if you’re not invested, it’s not worth for you to waste your time and the other person’s time in prolonging a damaged relationship.


Lastly, there are many more reasons for couples to divorce. The ones mentioned above are just some of the concrete reasons which if they exist, you must exit your marriage. For life is too short and there’s no harm in looking forward to a new beginning.

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