5 Smart and Unique Ways to Market Your Brand

unique ways to market your brand
Staying ahead  of the your competitors can be hard going, regardless of whether you are a start-up company or well established business with years of experience and market knowledge behind you. When it comes to the success of any business, the way that you choose to market yourself can prove to make or break your future successes, particularly now that there is a much greater emphasis out on customer engagement and building conversations.

The great thing about marketing your brand is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be particularly arduous or expensive when done with thought and careful consideration. Here are some of the best ways in which you can uniquely and easily market your brand and grow your businesses successfully.


Something that many businesses have started to tap into is the use of bags for customers to use when they take away a product from your store. Through purchasing high quality printed canvas bags for your customers to use, you will not only be able to promote a strong brand image but allow your brand name to spread. The psychology behind customers carrying your bag on the high street and inadvertently causing other shoppers to be drawn to your store through seeing your logo or brand motto printed on a bag is something worthwhile to introduce to your business.


Brand affinity could not be more important when it comes to social media marketing and is one of the best ways that you can get customers to relate to your business on a personal level. If you are a fashion or clothing brand then using social platforms to celebrate your followers can be a really great way to encourage people to interact with your brand. Reposting images from your followers will help to make your brand more personable.

Limited Edition

The power of desire is something that can really offer your business a chance to grow quickly, through offering our limited edition products, services or even packaging. Selling small batches of your product as ‘limited edition’ means that your customers will be more inclined to think that your brand is sought after and this will increase sales and generate interest.

Cross Promotion

cross promotion marketing
Getting your company’s name out there can be difficult which is why it can be really worthwhile to partner up with another company in order to build up a strong customer base through team work. For example a wedding venue could team up with a local wedding photographer and create a promotion in which both parties are able to reap the rewards of working alongside one another and broadening their customer base reach.

Event Hosting

One of the most effective ways to create a positive brand image and increase customer interaction with your business is through hosting free events. This can take the form of a themed display or presentation that gets people through the doors and getting involved in what you do. While it may cost you some money to begin with, the return of hosting a free event is likely to increase your overall brand presence in the long term.

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