what are bail bond and different types of bail bonds for clients!
Bail bonds help a great deal to clients to save themselves from surprise visits from the police and a visit to the jail. Accused parties can be related to different fraternities, and so they can belong to different businesses in life. They can belong to the private sector, a govt. job or any other department. The accused party can have the accusation related to many crimes and for that bail bonds of different types are issued within the state laws and rules and regulations.

If you were looking for where to find the different types of bail bonds in your state and what are different state agencies offer than you are in the right place. We will help you give the complete guide of what bail bonds are and what are the different types of bail bonds that are issued for different types of accusations and people seeking them. And if you are planning on becoming a successful bail bond agent, then you can gather a lot of information from this article which will help you apply for your license and pass your exam by the department of state insurance.

Cash Bail

The first type of bail that we are going to discuss today is the cash bail. The cash bail bond is not the regular type of bail bond it is not issued by and state agent or bond issuing agency rather it is issued by the court where the proceedings are being helped by the Judge himself. You have to pay the full amount of the bail to the court, and the court provides you bail in return. With that the proceedings go on and at the end of the case the amount that you have paid a fee for cash bail is refunded back to you by the court if you are guilty or not. This payment of the cash ail can be made through cash or your debit or credit card from a bank. You have to make sure that you pay the court before the start of the hearing of the case to save yourself from any mess. This is the most common type of bail that is used all around the world.

Surety Bonds

surety bonds
The next in the list of bonds is the surety bond. This type of bond is not issued by the court generally, but it is issued by some agency or a person.  This type of bond is issued in monetary matters.  The surety bond is an assurance or guarantee to the party that is lending the money to the borrower. The borrower must pay the agent for the surety bond and in return the agent signs a guarantee with the person who is lending the money and in case the receiver is not able to return the money on the committed time or the full amount that is promised in that case the bond issuing agent is responsible for providing and paying off the lender his money. If he doesn’t do that he is responsible in a court of law for theft charges. In this particular case you should know that the bond issuing party is the most insecure ones and the court will challenge them for the guarantee they’ve made on behalf of the defaulter

Property Bonds

The next type of bond in our list, which we will discuss is the property bond. The property bond works in the manner that the accused doesn’t have to pay anything for the bail bond. This type of bonds is issued by the bail bond agencies and not the court. You have given your property or any asset in file to ensure your prerelease from jail and bail until the case ends. This type of bond would be only accepted in the court by the agency if the amount or the worth of the property pledged in the files in twice or in some cases three times more than the amount of the cash bail of that case. This is generally not a secure way of getting a bail bond as you can end up losing your property in this manner. There are many cases reported where agents have accepted the homes of the accused parties as properties for this bond and have ended up losing them. So if you are looking for a property bond we don’t recommend that you give up your home in the file.

Immigration Bond

This bond is next in our list to discuss for our readers. This bond is issued by the bond agencies. Close family members, relatives, and friends can work out this bond for you if you are in trouble, this bond is issued for those accused people that are not the citizens of that country and have no green card. So immigration bond is issued in this case. This bond can get you out of jail in 48 hours. There are two further types of this bond, and we will talk about them too. The first one is the delivery bond in which the accused is asked to face the case along with his immigration case with the court while in custody of the state. The second one is the volunteer bond that is issued to ask the court to leave the accused party so that he could leave the country at the earliest. You can use both of them if you living illegally in any country and have committed a crime above that.

Federal Bail Bonds

federal bail bonds
The next type of bonds that we have to discuss is the federal bail bonds. These are issued by the federal court of law. You cannot get this bond from any agent or for any case. It is only given by the high judge of the federal court on federal crime. You have to pay the full amount the same as in cash bails, and you can get this bail by the judge. The amount is refunded back the accused after the case is closed and the hearings are done.

Citation Release or Immediate Bail

The next in our list is the citation release more commonly known as the immediate release or bail. This type of bail is not issued by any court of law or even any bail bond agent. When a person gets arrested, the arresting officer can provide this type of bail or release there and then on the spot before taking the accused to jail. In this scenario the accused must issue a promissory note to the arresting officer that he will appear before the court on the set date and will not miss the court proceedings and in return the arresting officer can grant him permission to go home against his signed promise. This type of release is not given in extreme crimes. You can get this type of bail if you breach a traffic rule or stuff like that that are not offensive to a person in person.

Personal Recognizance Release or Bond

This is a somewhat similar type of release case as the citation release. But in this case there is no one who has seen you make an offense but you yourself turn yourself in and tell about the offense, with that you sign a promissory note to the police that you will show up in court for the case and in return you are not arrested. It is not issued by any court of law or any state agency that issues bail bonds. You just have to sign a promissory note, and you are good to go.

You must keep in mind that all bails are issued on some amount set by the judge and according to the case and in cases where you are issued bail on your promissory note there you must try to keep your word or else you cannot get any other types of bail in that case if your kiss the hearing. The most used bail is the cash bail which is directly paid to the court without involving the third party but today more cases are being seen where the court gets bail bonds by agents who give sureties on behalf of the accused party. This gives time safety to the accused party.

Final note

To learn about more bind and bails according to the courts and laws of different states stay tuned with us. You would have learned a lot here about bails and bond and what is the process and procedure. You might have learned here how to sign bond. You might have enough information now after reading this all that you can start your own bail bond signing agency. Make sure you don’t get yourself involved in a crime before reading this article or else you will not know the best type of bond for you. We hope after reading this many misconceptions and confusions about bails and agents who issue bail bonds must be clear to our readers.

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