The Best Foods for Your Teeth

the best foods for your teeth
When thinking about your oral hygiene, you may not think that actually eating foods can be a way to improve it. The whole point in brushing our teeth, after all, is to remove leftover food to keep our teeth clear of anything that may be the cause of bacteria build up and tooth decay. But there are good foods out there, and we’ve decided to investigate further into the best food for your teeth.


Rich in fibre and water, apples are good for not only your teeth, but for your body in general and can actually act as a way to clean your teeth between brushes. The fibrous texture of the apples stimulates your gums, and can help dislodge plaque from your teeth and acts as a cleaning mechanism. Bacteria won’t have the opportunity to settle on your teeth and in your mouth, instead being cleaned away and leaving a fresh, healthy feeling mouth. Pack apple slices for your lunch or a snack to help refresh your mouth and teeth. Any crunchy food will help dislodge the built up plaque, however, so if you don’t like apples, all is not lost!


Rich in calcium and proteins, Almonds are the perfect snacks. Not only will the nutrients benefit your teeth and bones in the long term, but the low sugar content means that there’s no counter-effect like with some other nuts and dried fruits. Adding almonds to a meal can add a new flavour, as well as giving something with a bit of crunch to meals like salads and pastas.

Black and Green Tea

Okay, so this is a drink and not a food, but it has similar benefits to some of the foods on this list. The polyphenols in the liquid have been known to reduce toxins and bacteria that gather in the mouth, and the fluoride-heavy drink can give as many benefits as toothpaste. While we don’t recommend replacing your toothpaste with tea, a cup of tea during the day can give you a fluoride boost between brushes.


cheese good for teeth
Another calcium-rich food is cheese, but the benefits don’t simply stop with this nutrient. The chewing motion of eating cheese increases the saliva in your mouth which is filled with good bacteria and countless other benefits, and studies have suggested that cheese can actually help balance out the pH levels in your mouth, reducing the effect of acids. After eating, the acid content in your mouth will be higher, and so eating cheese for dessert can have plenty of oral health benefits in the long run.

Sugar-Free Gum

While this isn’t a food, exactly, sugar free chewing gum can actually be good for you teeth. It’s important to check whether or not your gum is actually sugar free before you chew it, however, as sugar-filled gums can do more harm than good. However, a sugar free gum can actually clean your teeth. The sticky substance can get between your teeth and dislodge food and plaque, and the chewing motion can help to build saliva to help wash away the dirt that has been dislodged.

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