Being in Good Health or How to Maintain a Good Testosterone Level?

In the full-fledged work of the male body, testosterone is the main male hormone of great importance. The lack of substance immediately affects the male’s sexual activity, his appearance, and the overall health. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain testosterone at a good level and take care of your health.

how to maintain a good testosterone level

Restoring the Production of Testosterone

Generally, testosterone is produced by the testicles, but a small amount of the hormone is generated in the adrenal cortex. You can find out the exact level of the substance in the organism if you pass the blood test, but some external signs can also notify the one about the lack of this hormone in the body. When testosterone is low, specific hormone treatment is prescribed, and testosterone brand name should be checked carefully before taking any medication, or agreeing to any treatment. Lack of hormone, also called hypogonadism, which can be congenital or acquired, is a problem many men face.

Congenital Hypogonadism

The congenital form of the disorder is usually a consequence of genetic predisposition and, as a rule, leads to a slowdown in the sexual development of young men. Manifestations of congenital hypogonadism become noticeable in adolescence.

Acquired Hypogonadism

Acquired hypogonadism can develop due to several factors, namely,

  • Diseases of the endocrine glands;
  • Inflammation of the testicles;
  • Various injuries;
  • Some infectious diseases;
  • Improper nutrition;
  • Excessive indulgence to bad habits;
  • Neglect of own hygiene;
  • Uncontrolled use of certain medicines.

The lack of testosterone in every man can be evident in a different form. The following symptoms are the most typical for this disease:

  • Overweight, abnormal breast augmentation, hair reduction on the face;
  • Increased heart rate, excessive sweating, heart pain;
  • Sharp mood jumps, increased fatigue, frequent depressions, weakened memory, sleep disturbances;
  • Pain in the joints and bones, the transition of muscle mass into fat deposits;
  • Lowering of the libido, weakening of the erection, frequent urge to urinate.

how to restore testosterone level

How to Restore Testosterone Levels?

It is possible to increase the level of testosterone and bring it to the normal state through the general health measures or drug treatment, in more severe cases. You should know that treatment cannot be postponed because any lapse in the hormonal background can lead to irreversible consequences.

Medications That Restore Testosterone

Treatment should be conducted only under the guidance of a qualified physician, especially with regard to the use of medication.

You can refer the following medicines to drugs that restore or increase the level of male hormone:

  • Nebido,
  • Androgel,
  • Sustanon 250;

The medication treatment approach is aimed at replenishing the shortage of testosterone with its exogenous synthetic or natural analogs. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem relatively quickly and qualitatively, but in most situations, the man will have to continue using artificial analogs of testosterone to maintain the result. It’s about medications that activate the work of their own endocrine glands, ensuring the absorption of testosterone in the blood. The non-severe cases are mostly amenable to treatment with general health measures. Often, after regulating the regime, switching to a full-fledged diet, increasing physical activity and taking vitamins, testosterone levels rise to normal levels.

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