How Far Mobile Games Can Go?

Technological advancement is taking new shapes and forms by the minute, and one of the coolest ways we are experiencing that is in the field of entertainment and gaming. Mobiles have gone a very long way since the days of those phones you couldn’t even fit into your pocket because they were too big. With the evolution of cellular devices, so have the games on them.

Believe it or not, it’s been almost 20 years since you played snake on that shoe-sized black and white mobile. You could almost remember tensing up when the snake’s tail grew longer and longer in Snake. The maneuvering and skills it took not to crash into the wall or your own snake’s body were immense. Now, you have PUBG and Fortnite and countless other games that 10 years ago would’ve seemed beyond impossible. Mobile gaming has advanced so much, kids these days would get a heart attack if they saw what was being played in the 90s.

Most Famous Mobile Games Over the Years


During the period from 1998 to the early 2000s, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Sony, and the likes were the biggest players in the mobile industry. There was no Android or IOS; most phones ran exclusively on Java. The phones were large, with minimal storage capacity, and just quite dumb if compared to what we have today. They also had really, really small screens. The phone usage was for making calls and sending texts almost exclusively.

It was Nokia that started introducing mobile gaming –– if you could call it that –– and it started with Snake and then later on Space Impact. The notion of playing Snake for hours might seem idiotic to you now, but it was actually quite popular and even addictive back in the day. It was played by millions over the world, and it was so popular that there actually are variations of it on today’s smartphones! Old is gold, indeed.

Snake was even considered the first two-player game to be played on mobile, using that infrared port. For those of you born after 2000, an infrared port was used to transfer information between phones between phones before Bluetooth and WiFi. It was bad.


In the early 2000s, Snake was getting old. This is where Tetris came in. Chances are you won’t find a 90s kid who hasn’t played at least a game of Tetris and killed hours trying to perfectly align those patterns before he hits the ceiling. The game started years before that in the 80s in arcades, and it was also quite popular then. Later on, it was adopted on phones, and has lived on till this very day. There are also modern versions of Tetris with more twists and spins to make it more suitable for this time and age.

Sonic the Hedgehog

sonic the hedgehog
After Tetris in 2000, in 2001 came Sega’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog. You had to stop the evil Doctor Robotnik from taking over the world by running and running. It was quite the hit when it first came out on mobile phones.

Asteroid Zone

This one came from Atari around 2004. The goal was simple; shoot as many asteroids as you can to win. It was a unique game at that time and from its notion came other games we know like Temple Run.

Tap Tap Revolution

It was around 2007 and things were getting a bit more sophisticated with the advent of the iPhone. The IOS paved the way for developers to create better game with the specs and abilities they needed, which in turn resulted in better, great looking games with the invention of touch screen like Tap Tap Revolution. Its name changed once it become available to users in the App Store to Tap Tap Revenge. The game’s goal was simple; you had to hit incoming balls with the beat of music playing in the background. As fun as this has been, it was only the start of bigger and better games.

Angry Birds

By incorporating physics into the laws of the game, in 2009 Finnish company Rovio created one of the most popular games in the late 200s, Angry Birds. Players needed to slingshot weird looking birds over distances to break the walls. Ever since it came out, the game has managed to attract millions of fans around the world intrigued by its premise and peculiar design. It had even had its own Hollywood animated film released at some point, but it wasn’t quite as good as the game itself.

Plants Vs Zombies

plants vs zombies
This is a tower defense mobile game that became popular during 2010. Players use different plants to block a zombie attack and prevent them from coming to their homes and eating them in a zombie like fashion. The game later developed to Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time and was quite successful in 2013.

Temple Run

People needed something new, with shooting games becoming a bit repetitive. And around 2011 they got that with Temple Run. The game had awesome 3d graphics and a smooth interface, with an endless running experience after gold and jumping through obstacles. It became one of the most successful mobile games in history. The reason Temple Run was so addictive is because it doesn’t end; you just keep running until the game defeats you. The touchscreen experience made the game fun and easily consumable over longer hours.

Clash of Clans

From shooting games to guitar playing simulations, by 2012 we’d seen almost everything. But strategy games never made the fold and unfortunately for Age of Empires and Red Alert lovers, there were no strategy based games on mobiles. That was until Clash of Clans was released, bringing the Age of Empire experience to mobile users and adding even more cool features like multiplayer option. You’d create your own village, join and fight for clans, and enter wars with others. The game was very popular and played by people all over the world, and it was ridiculously advertised on social media.

Candy Crush

candy crush
Those who weren’t playing Clash of Clans in 2012 were definitely playing Candy Crush. The game was the pinnacle of addictive mobile games and people would play it at work, in classrooms, and while commuting. You’d be surprised if a day passed without hearing that signature Candy Crush game music. You’d even get daily requests from people over Facebook to play.

Asphalt 8

Your chance to feel like a Fast and Furious star came true with Asphalt 8 in 2013. Its graphics were groundbreaking and the gameplay was as smooth and fast as it could get back then, and the Gameloft racing game proved quite successful amongst fans of PC racing games like Need for Speed.

Flappy Bird

With almost every game having excellent graphics, some developers decided to kick it back to the old school with Flappy Bird. The game featured pixelated graphics and yet it was quite successful and addictive amongst gamers. It’s probably because it reminded them of the old days when gameplay was hilariously bad.

Her Story

Everybody loves a murder mystery. You get to be the detective and you’re supposed to solve the crime of the murder of a British Woman’s husband. This game consumed days after days by millions of people who were hooked to the addictive storyline and compelling narrative.

Pokemon Go

pokemon go
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, chances are you have experienced the Pokemon Go rave. You’d see people almost getting hit by cars, others stepping into holes, and just some random fools stepping on your toes in the office. Yeah, it was a great time to be alive. Pokemon Go was a free, location-based mobile game where players got to use their GPS to locate, catch, and battle virtual creatures. They used to appear on screen as if they were real while you endlessly roamed about trying to find one. The game became a global hit, played by hundreds of millions within a few months of its release. It did however get a bad reputation because of all the trespassing and tomfoolery caused by walking around aimlessly looking for a virtual creature.

Injustice 2

There were a lot of awesome games in 2017, but it has to be Injustice 2 that takes the cake. A sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods among Us, this game killed with its graphics, smooth gameplay, and just overall coolness. You got to play with your favorite childhood heroes and bad guys, from Batman and Superman to countless other villains. It was just too fun to play that people spent hours glued to their phones starting one match after the other.


It’s 2018 and everyone’s playing PUBG. It’s basically an online multiplayer game where up to a hundred players parachute into an island (with just your undies on at first) and then scavenge houses for weapons and clothes. You then proceed to kill anyone in your way, as the safe area to play in getting smaller as the game progresses. Last man standing wins the game. The game has been immensely popular during this year and has been played by millions across dozens of countries. It even started a few online love stories, because what better way to fall in love than while shooting enemies?

What’s next in the mobile game industry?

how far mobile games can go

Augmented Reality Mobile Games

Pokemon Go was a good example of augmented reality mobile games, but this niche has endless potential to grow beyond the simple nature of that game. The idea behind an augmented reality game is you point your camera towards a place and using the device screen you see the area you’re in, which is edited with graphics generated by the computer too. The displays are then augmented and the players start interacting with the game like this. The possibilities are endless with this type of technology. You could shoot aliens, fight wars, and drive expensive cars, all in real time. Augmented reality games are a relatively new concept which is expected to soar to new heights as time goes by.

Mobile Gambling

Like it or now, you can’t deny the appeal of gambling. That rush you get when you stake your money on something, the sense of anticipation while waiting for your outcome to be the right one, and of course, the reward after nailing it. Granted, it feels that good only if you win, but still, the excitement of gambling is a force to be reckoned with.

Yet, not all people have access to Las Vegas like casinos and luxurious gambling tables, and not many can afford to make the trip there for the gambling experience of a lifetime. Out of this conundrum mobile gambling was born. You basically play a game of chance –– or one that requires some sort of skill –– remotely, online using your phone’s wireless technology. There are over 100 online casinos operating right now, with some of the industry’s biggest names providing an online platform for their users.

There are plenty of gambling websites and apps you can use to indulge in some quick fun. For example, scr888 is an online casino which provides a myriad of gaming options to its users. They also have live casino games around the clock. Another example for online casinos is lm333 which also offers different gaming options like poker, the lottery, and horse racing, plus premium memberships that open up even more chances to enjoy the website’s multiple services.

Over the last few years, mobile gaming has advanced at a rate beyond an optimist’s wildest dreams. The advancement of WiFi, Bluetooth, and graphics technologies has allowed for far more gaming opportunities and a lot of possibilities are coming up as we go. The diversity of the operating systems as well has given way to many more options. It also helps that independent mobile developers can create games through Google Play and App Store, unlike the past where it had to be a brand company creating all the games. Users can now play games created by almost anyone and everyone. The future does look bright for mobile gaming.

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