Effectiveness Of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing refers to the kind of marketing that involves the direct delivery of marketing products through the US Postal Service (or any other preferred service delivery) to an individual’s mailbox.

With all the changes and opportunities brought about by technology, you’d think that direct mail marketing is dead, we wouldn’t blame you – it feels outdated, but as it turns out, direct mail marketing isn’t dead at all.

effectiveness of direct mail marketing
And if your company is looking for ways of increasing audience reach, you might find that direct mail marketing is one of the marketing strategies you’d need to employ to reach your customers and grab their attention.

It’s also worth noting that direct mail marketing not only gives you a better chance of grabbing your audience’s attention, it’s also a great marketing solution that allows you to connect to your audience on a personal level. In a 2016 report by The Data & Marketing Association, it was shown that the customer response rate from the direct mail customers spiked by 43% while the prospects’ response rate shoot up by 190% in 2016 from 2015. Obviously, these numbers were unexpected, and marketers are still in shock over these numbers. These numbers also indicate that direct mail marketing remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies, and it would be an absolute game-changer if you are a serious marketer searching for new marketing opportunities to boost sales and increase the brand’s visibility.

Need More Evidence?

Below, we look at some of the other reasons that prove to the marketing world that direct mail isn’t dead.

Higher ROI

Compared to paid searches or online display ads, direct mail marketing companies promise a higher ROI of 29% (as reported in a 2017 study). This is a significantly high ROI, and you will be impressed to learn that this percentage of ROI puts direct mail marketing at the top 3 spot, right after email marketing and social media marketing. Social media marketing had a recorded ROI of 30%. Besides the high ROI, direct mail also promises a high CTR.

It Integrates into Digital Marketing Strategies Well

If you are a great marketer as you claim to be, then you know that your success on the job relies on how well you can integrate different marketing solutions and tools to your digital marketing strategy.

One of your multiple marketing channels should be direct marketing – Add it to Facebook Ads. Instagram ads, paid search campaigns, and also your search optimization strategies. Making this investment might feel like a long shot in the beginning, but when the numbers start showing, you will be happy with your decision. As mentioned above, direct marketing allows you to get in touch with your audience on a personal level. You might, therefore, want to combine direct mail with your other savvy digital marketing techniques to boost the personability of your messages.

Better Targeting

direct mail marketing better targeting
The other compelling reason why direct mail marketing works has got to do with the fact that this channel offers better audience targeting. While social media is easy to use and is currently used by everyone in the digital space, direct marketing is just as effective and worth your time/ money.

The other reasons why direct mail marketing is not dead include:

  • Direct mail is 100% trackable
  • It makes your audience feel loved and valued
  • It’s tangible

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