sign of looking healthy
We are all probably a little bit guilty when it comes to feeling ill and wanting to instantly google what our pains and worries actually mean. The truth is, while it can be difficult to diagnose why you are feeling a certain way, it is easier to tell whether you are indeed far healthier than you realise. Here are just a few of the sign that can suggest you are much better off and far healthier than you give yourself credit for!

Here are five signs that showing you are healthy

1. Fast Healing

Bruises and cuts happen and are a normal part of going about your daily life. If you bruise very easily or notice that your cuts can take a very long while to heal, then you should consider seeing a doctor and discussing the issue. Alternatively if you cuts heal fairly quickly, this indicates that your blood is clotting at a normal rate and means your vessels are functioning properly.

2. Your Mouth

Your tongue is a very handy indicator of your overall health and oral hygiene. If your tongue suffers from very varied discoloration then it may suggest signs of a lack of certain vitamins, however if your tongue is pink and has a thin layer of white on it, it shows that you are healthy!

When it comes to teeth, it is said that a clean, white smile is an excellent indicator of health. Those who look after their mouths are said to have good health as if they are taking the time to take care of their mouths (which takes more time and can be expensive when it comes to the tools to do so), they are probably taking good care of their bodies. If you are looking to improve the colour of your teeth for the sake of your overall health, then why not seek the expertise of a Finchley dentist? White teeth indicate confidence and a general pride in one’s appearance, which impacts health significantly.

3. A Good Sleeping Pattern

Most of us, if we are honest, do not get the amount of sleep that we wish we could. And, while occasional insomnia is normal, those who are unable to get themselves off to sleep regularly may mean that they are slightly less healthy than those who do. If you are feeling moderately refreshed after catching some shut-eye, you are probably far healthier than you think!

4. Your Skin Looks Good

Your skin is the largest organ in your body so it seems obvious that we should all take the time to take better care of it. If you are regularly bathing, moisturizing and using sun cream, your skin should be as healthy as it needs to be. While any discolorations or lumps and bumps need to be seen by a doctor, as long as your skin is soft and supple, you can rest assured that you are healthy as can be.

5. Regular Bowel Movement

While some people may shy away from the topic, it is important to state that when it comes to faeces, they are one of the best indicators of our health. As long as your faeces are not overly hard, bloody or fluid-like, you should consider yourself healthy. If your toilet times are regular, this is also a great sign that you are where you should be with your health.

5 Vital Signs of Looking Healthy You Should Know Lifestylehealth tipsYou might be far healthier that you think! how to know this? Here are five signs from your body, mouth, skin, sleep and bowel movement that show you're healthy.